Support children and young people while boosting your skills and meeting new people

Volunteering with Shonge Achi Foundation is a meaningful way to help some of the Bangladesh’s most vulnerable children and families. It’s also an opportunity to develop and enjoy new experiences. You’ll connect with your community, meet new people, learn new skills and share what you know.

The best part of being a mentor is the connections you make with your matched young person. I remember the first time mine asked me for advice – it was unexpected and heartwarming.

Bernice, Young Person’s Mentor, London

Many volunteers say the experience is good for their wellbeing and self-development. Whatever your career or life experience, there’s a role for you here. Find out:

  • Why you should volunteer with us.
  • What volunteering involves.
  • Who can volunteer.
  • How to apply.

Why volunteer with Action for Children?

Everything we do is about giving more children a safe and happy childhood. You can help make a real difference to the lives of families in your local area.

All our voluntary roles are supported: people come first. We’ll give you an induction and relevant training, and you’ll always have space to raise issues.

You don’t need specific skills for many of our roles. All we ask for is enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved. We’ll support your professional development with references and news about internal vacancies. As a volunteer, you’ll be able to access our catalogue of E-learning courses, too.

We are so proud to have achieved the Investing in Volunteers award. Our volunteers feel recognised, supported and proud to donate their time and experience to help vulnerable children and young people.

Ready to volunteer?

Find opportunities in your area

Get started

What does volunteering involve?

There isn’t just one way to be a volunteer. We have a range of roles that flex around the time you have to offer and the skills you want to use. You might work with your local playgroup, support young asylum seekers, or provide admin support. Some of our current featured roles include:

Young person’s mentor

Become an Independent Visitor to guide, listen to and befriend a young person in care. Be there for them, introduce new activities, and spend quality time together.

Search for this role

Helping at events

Can you help us set-up events, and be there to support visitors, staff and fundraisers? Take a look at our events, then email us stating which you’d like to help at.

Our Action Squads

Join a wonderful family of community event volunteers to raise vital funds for our work. Set up your own Action Squad or join one in your local area.

Join an Action Squad

Who can volunteer?

Volunteering is open to everyone, from all backgrounds. There’s no upper age limit, though you’ll need to be at least 14 to apply (16 or 18 for some roles). We’re especially keen to hear from people with disabilities.

You may be unsure how volunteering fits your background, health or personal circumstances. But whatever your life experience, we’d value your contribution.

You can volunteer if you’re an asylum seeker. Volunteering won’t affect any benefits you get. We’ll support your application if you have a health condition.

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